Too Good to be True?

Apr 12, 2013 | News

As you may be aware, this is the time of year, that unregistered door-to-door companies visit our area providing a wide variety of services, that quite frankly can be found from local businesses.  The Chamber fields numerous calls each year regarding companies that are here one day and gone the next, yet consumers have already paid the bill and are unable to contact them if anything should go wrong.

Shop LocalWe encourage consumers to always ask for written quotes, and if you are unsure of a company, please call us at the North Bay & District Chamber of Commerce and we can provide names of companies that are members of the Chamber, right here in our region, that would be more than happy to provide you with a quote or the same services you are seeking.   President Shogren stated “we have some great businesses in our district that would gladly provide a quote, whether it be landscaping, a new roof, renovations or any other large ticket items you may need done around your home.  We are confident in our local businesses to provide such service to the community, rather than having someone knock on your door out of the blue.”

Not only that – if they offer you to do the deal for cash only, please be cautioned that while you think it may be a good deal to be saved from paying the taxes, you also then become liable if a worker should become hurt on your property.  Businesses should not be asking you to pay in cash to forgo the taxes; these businesses should be remitting them to the government.  If you so choose to pay in cash at the completion of the project, make sure you are satisfied with the work and have it shown on your receipt that you paid the taxes.  A portion is normally withheld until the completion of the project, as this is just another problem when a consumer has paid the money up front but the job is never completed and we have no way of finding the company.

President Derek Shogren remarked “remember, if the offer is too good to be true… probably is!   Please support businesses in our area……Shop Locally.”