Thank You Gin-Cor for an Excellent Tour!

Jun 20, 2013 | News

Gin-Cor Member CrawlThank you very much to Gin-Cor Industries for providing our Board of Directors and Membership Committee with the opportunity to tour their facilities, as part of our “Member Crawl”.  It’s always nice to learn more about our Chamber members and how we can be of assistance, as the voice of business in North Bay & area.

It was an excellent tour, providing insight into the history and growth of the company, as well as their contributions to the community.  Gin-Cor provides a great example of supporting local businesses and contributing to our smaller communities.  Also remarkable to see was the efficiency of their operations and the ways they have reduced their waste, in some areas from 3 truckloads in a time-frame to 1 barrel in that same time-frame!  Keep up the great work, Gin-Cor!