Media Release – Chamber seeking President and CEO

Jan 24, 2017 | Media Releases (Archive), News

NORTH BAY, ON (January 24, 2017) – Over the past two years, numerous changes have occurred at the North Bay & District Chamber of Commerce.  Since relocating to its new location in Downtown North Bay, reducing the number of board members from 25 to 13 and restructuring to a governance model, the Chamber of Commerce is now poised for further growth opportunities.

Chair Brad Gavan noted “the next steps in solidifying the focus of the Chamber is to seek a new President and CEO for the organization as well as implementing a new Strategic Plan for the next five years.”

The North Bay & District Chamber of Commerce currently operates under four pillars to ensure the membership is engaged and benefit from the organizations mandate to be the voice of business for the region. The pillars include: advocacy, connections, growth, and value.  Due to strong partnerships with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, we are able to advocate at all levels of government. Business connections are imperative in smaller communities and through referrals, networking, and communications this can be achieved. The Chamber always encourages economic growth whether it is through the current membership or with new investment opportunities. Finally, value to the membership is imperative and continues to be top of mind.

Chair Brad Gavan “congratulated the board in its new direction and applauded the long-term efforts by Ms. Patti Carr who has headed the Chamber for over 17 years as Executive Director and having been employed with the North Bay & District Chamber of Commerce for 29 years. Without Patti’s knowledge and continuity, we would never have come this far and we have been very fortunate in her assistance to move the Chamber in this direction to a new governance model. The board recognized that a staff shift under this new model was also required, as Patti has been doing much of the role as the head of the Chamber along with the advocacy piece.”

Executive Director Patti Carr stated “I have been very pleased with all the changes and even though I was offered the new position of President and CEO, I felt my strengths would be better served in the Policy and Communications position; something I truly enjoy and I have the skills to achieve better results in this position.  I would now have the time to do the advocacy piece to 100%.  I truly believe the Chamber and its members would be better served into the future with new blood and new vision and I’m truly looking forward to even more changes to benefit the membership as a whole. I have always looked out for the best interests of the Chamber and the membership, and this change I am confident is a step forward for the organization and of benefit to the business community.”

The Chamber will be posting the employment opportunity on Wednesday. Vice Chair, Charles Elliott of the North Bay & District Chamber of Commerce has been the lead for this new position and will coordinate a selection committee for the interviews.