Last Week’s Announcements – Great for the Area!

Jul 3, 2019 | News, President & CEO News Articles

What a great week last week was, for North Bay and area, leading into the Canada Day weekend that hopefully everyone enjoyed.  Nearly one hundred million dollars in investments announced and jobs, jobs, and more jobs.  It was great to have Minister Fedeli in the riding to complete some long-awaited projects in our riding and couldn’t have been possible without his support and diligence to get these projects moving, after years of negotiation and bureaucratic red tape.

Cassellholme is finally being redeveloped and as well the addition of new long-term care beds for both the area and our indigenous community.  This has been long awaited and will assist in providing spaces for our seniors that have been on waiting lists for many years.  Our entire community will benefit from the redevelopment of Cassellholme and this should help alleviate the overcrowding in our hospital due to the shortage of long-term care beds.  The project should be in the ground shortly and will provide an economic boost to our area, given the fifty-five-million-dollar project price tag.

Both Jamie Lowery, his entire team and Board of Cassellholme should be very pleased that the years of work have finally culminated in the start of this project.  The addition of a sixteen-bed provincial indigenous long-term care beds plus two twelve bed dementia care units will serve both populations well and reflect the needs of our community for the future.  Health care will no doubt continue to be a priority across our Province, and it is refreshing to see some innovative, inclusive and new approaches to how we care for our seniors, no matter what their heritage may be.

Funding continued to be major news for this area with the announcement by Minister Fedeli in Powassan, of an additional twelve-million dollars for the film industry.  NOHFC funding for a variety of projects that continue to generate hundreds of jobs and economic spin off to many of our businesses in our district.  Last year alone, in excess of twenty million dollars was spent in this area and with continued support from the Provincial government, it appears this trend will continue.

Canadore College was also making headlines last week, with new partnerships announced in a sector that is not usually associated with Canadore and our area.  The announcement of two major projects in the agricultural sector will provide education and training together with jobs and investment by two new manufacturing companies joining with Canadore and the Village.  Growratio Inc. and Enerdynamic Hybrid Technologies announced the partnership with Canadore that will see approximately one hundred and fifty new jobs once fully operational.  These jobs and new construction of over one hundred and fifty thousand square ft. in three facilities, are another great announcement for George Burton and his entire team.  Congratulations and welcome to North Bay.

Peter Chirico is the President & CEO of the North Bay & District Chamber of Commerce.