Kudos to the Community

Feb 19, 2019 | News, President & CEO News Articles

It was certainly a relief to have this last weekend snow free and sunny with no major forecasts for more of the white stuff, over at least the next few days.  This year definitely ranks up there, as one of the heaviest snow accumulations in recent memory.  Hats off to our City crews including Roads, Water & Sewer, and all the other departments that have chipped in to keep our roads and sidewalks as clear as possible this year.  The downtown crew has been especially busy and have done a terrific job in trying to keep up.  It is not perfect, but not for lack of trying. 

The last month, weather wise, has been very trying on most residents of our Districts but throughout all the snow and cold, lots of warmth and community spirit have made it less harsh.  In the aftermath of the last dumping, it was reported by various media outlets that a number of students jumped into the proverbial snow bank and helped some of the neighbourhood residents, with a quick shovel of their driveway.  I was able to witness this random acts of kindness on my way back down Ski Club Road on Friday.  It was nice to see that sense of neighbourhood from the students at Widdifield, who took the initiative on Friday morning to help out.

It is a tremendous feeling to witness those tiny acts of kindness and we are fortunate to have so many individuals and groups in our district that rise up and help.  During the last couple of months with what seems like daily snow and cold, residents have gone out of their ways to help and assist others.  Whether it be a quick hand with a shovel, a push of a stuck vehicle or to help an elderly resident get to safe footing, the kindness is all around us.  This is what makes all our communities much better places and one of the major reasons that we reside here.

Last Saturday evening the Davedi Club held its annual “Order of Merit” evening and recognized several local individuals that have quietly and without fanfare, contributed greatly to our community.  These individuals Peter Moffat, Peter Handley, Louise Defonzo and Carmen Anello were recognized by the Davedi Club, for their individual service to so many worthwhile causes.  Whether organizing, fundraising, coaching or volunteering, these individuals are all worthy of the accolades given to them.  The Davedi Club and the Italian community are to be thanked as well for recognizing so many individuals with the annual event.  Congratulations to all the present and past inductees, everyone of them have made our community and this world a better place.

Peter Chirico is the President & CEO of the North Bay & District Chamber of Commerce.