Is it Spring yet?

Mar 12, 2019 | News, President & CEO News Articles

The loss of an hour of sleep on the weekend is almost welcome as it signals one more sure sign, that spring is right around the corner.  Saturday was a spectacular day with what seems, the first spring like day in a long time.  There is no telling how quickly this is going to turn from our winter wonderland to the first signs of flowers and green grass but as with everything, it will be a transition period and a very welcome one.  There is no doubt that many of our streets will be small lakes and rivers over the next month and the annual clean up will begin.

This year, the North Bay & District Chamber of Commerce has been working with several local groups that include The Heritage Gardeners, Downtown Improvement Association, City of North Bay, RFP Media plus a few community minded individuals to improve the appearance of our community.  As plans are firmed up over the next month, it is the intention of the group, to announce its plans which will enhance the beauty of our community, through the engagement of the entire community.  One doesn’t have to look beyond the waterfront to see what a community can do and has done.

How is this going to be done?  First you must ask the proverbial question “How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time!”  As plans are laid out, it will become apparent how a grass roots movement that was formed many years ago, took on a project (the waterfront) and it has become the pride of our community and of many others.  The Heritage Gardeners have shown this community how a positive group can influence how we and others feel about our community.  Without being to specific on the details, lets start warming up the Civic pride and get ready to help shape our community into the next decade.

Our downtown core had an out of town visitor drop in last Friday and will be here until this coming weekend.  Mr. Paul Tavares has been visiting our community and 12 other communities, on his “90 Days and Nights in the Cold” tour.  Paul is camping out on the streets in each of these communities across the Province, in hopes of raising both awareness and funds to support persons that are homeless in our country.  All funds and any type of donation to Paul and this cause, will stay local and be put to many different agencies within our area, who assist persons in need. 

This community has always been a caring and very generous community and it is hoped that all can assist Paul, in his quest.  Drop by and have a chat with Paul, he is a very engaging and personable fellow, with quite a story to tell.  Take some time over the next few days and have a visit with Paul on Main Street beside the Nipissing District Housing Authority building/walkway.  Thanks to all that support but special thanks to Mike Campigotto/Joe Bradbury/DNSSAB/Housing Authority/City of North Bay and staff/gd2go, for making this possible.

Peter Chirico is the President & CEO of the North Bay & District Chamber of Commerce.