Get Ready for #FiftyTwoCoffees 2022

Oct 25, 2021 | News

#FiftyTwoCoffees is a year-long journey that connects members of the North Bay and District Chamber of Commerce for one-on-one meetings on either a weekly, bi-weekly, or quad-weekly basis. The program is responsible for producing matches assigned to specific weeks while participants are responsible for scheduling meetings at a mutually agreeable date, time and location of choice.

Participants find that, by meeting new people, they acquire knowledge of new subjects, gain unique perspective, uncover potential partnerships and collaborations, enhance interpersonal skills, and come to further appreciate the people and the community that surround us.

Want to participate in this NBDCC member exclusive program?  Registration deadline is Friday November 12, 2021.

Click Here To Register for #FiftyTwoCoffees 2022

fifty two coffees group photo