Extra Mile May Winner

Jun 12, 2014 | News

May WinnerCongratulations to Hailey Fournier from the Hampton Inn by Hilton North Bay- May Extra Mile Winner

Hailey was at the front desk when a guest came to her wondering whether or not she had seen a cab pull up. He explained to her that he had pre-ordered a cab the night before to the hotel for noon, which hadn’t arrived yet (it was now noon). Hailey told the guest not to worry; she would call the cab company and have someone else come! After waiting another 15 minutes in the lounge for the taxi, the guest had started to get impatient at the fact that the second taxi had yet to arrive to take him to the airport. Without any hesitation Hailey looks at me and says “Sir, I will drive you up to the airport right away, let me pull up the car”. Being so close to the airport and living in such a small city it is unfortunate that we don’t have airport shuttles, but Hailey was sure to get this guest up to the airport on time for his flight! Hamptonilty starts with you Hails!