Downtown Cleanup Day

Jun 3, 2013 | News

Downtown North Bay Cleanup Day VolunteersThank you to all volunteers from our Tourism Committee who contributed to the inaugural Downtown Improvement Area Cleanup Day on Saturday, June 1st.  The contributions are much appreciated and have aided in the beautification of the heart of North Bay.

“DIA executive director Jeff Serran said he was pleased with the turnout, and particularly the enthusiasm shown by the volunteers.
“It’s not bad for the inaugural year,” he said.
“This is a chance for people to take pride in their city and the downtown core,” Serran said.
He noted that a number of the business people downtown have been out as well, cleaning not only the area in front of their own stores, but spreading out to join the volunteers.
“It’s contagious,” Serran said.
He noted that work gloves and T-shirts were donated by Tim Hortons when that company became aware of the project, while the city donated the push brooms for the weekend.”