Directors Board Meeting

Jul 10, 2012 | News

The June Board meeting saw two presentations. One presentation was from Lois Krause and Tammy Morison from the North Bay Regional Health Centre presenting their See More Clearly Campaign to the Board. This campaign was created to benefit mental health and acute care ensuring that it served the community to help the community achieve its goals. Lois indicated they would like the Chamber to help promote them and expressed the desire to partner and work with the Chamber.

The second presentation was from Ed Diebel, of the Northern Heritage Party, who discussed issues that have affected northern Ontario communities. He felt that a 25 year plan needed to be developed for northern Ontario and suggested to the Chamber that the shipment of raw materials out of northern Ontario should cease.

President John Strang extended his congratulations to: Past-President Sean Lawlor on becoming Deputy Mayor, to our Treasurer Charles Elliot for his recent wedding, to David Linkie on his upcoming retirement and to Irene Smit for winning the “Entrepreneur” of the year for Northern Ontario business Awards Influential Women which was held in Timmins recently.