Congratulations Constable Mark Ethier!

Aug 16, 2013 | News

Constable Mark EthierCongratulations Constable Mark Ethier, of the North Bay Police Department for going the ‘Extra Mile’! Because of his kindness, he has been awarded with the June Extra Mile Award. Thank you for contributing in making North Bay & area a better place to live!

Below is an excerpt from the nomination story. The full story will be displayed on the Extra Mile Cruise, next Thursday, August 22nd, 2013.

“I think this gesture on behalf of the North Bay Police Department and Constable Mark Ethier, truly deserves recognition for going the extra mile. My dog – of my own fault – could have been returned to the city pound (or worse). I would have been in utter anguish and anxiety until they would have called me. Instead, this nice officer went out of his way to bring my little wanderer back to work, and I am deeply grateful and indebted to his kindness.”