Congrats Jessica!

Mar 20, 2014 | News, Young Professional Spotlight (Archive)

Jessica PenneyCongratulations to Jessica Penney, owner of Tutor Me, our March Young Professional of the Month!

Jessica was born and raised in North Bay, all the time knowing that she was going to be a teacher when she grew up. In secondary school, as she loved the outdoors, she taught cross- country skiing to some jackrabbit groups. In University, she got a degree in History from Nipissing and then traveled to Australia for teachers’ college. Once Jessica was there, she caught the travelling bug and traveled all over the continent and moved to England to teach for 4 years. During those 4 years she vacationed in different places around Europe.

After teaching for a year up North on Bear Island, Jessica is back in North Bay. She will be coaching jackrabbits again out at the ski club and has started her own tutoring company called Tutor Me. Jessica teaches all elementary school levels and uses the resources within our North Bay community as a means of teaching life skills as well. Jessica is an active volunteer in the community, outdoors, and with her company. Teaching has always been a passion for Jessica and she is dedicated to helping students reach their full potential so they never feel left behind in the very important years ahead.

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