Clean Green and Beautiful Initiative Coming Soon

May 1, 2019 | News, President & CEO News Articles

Mark your calendars for May 7, 2019.  Clean, Green and Beautiful, a grass roots movement spearheaded by Hariett Madigan and her various community volunteer groups, will present at Council on that evening.  Clean, Green and Beautiful will launch a community action plan, detailing the collective vision of this group and individuals as to how we as a community, can improve the look and feel of our homes, streets and neighbourhoods.  The goal is to make this community the most beautiful community in Northern Ontario.

Three of the main talking points will focus on litter-free, offensive graffiti-free and noxious weed-free community.  The vision behind establishing these objectives were founded on the same principles that the North Bay Heritage Gardener’s established for their group of volunteers with the waterfront. Focusing on beautification and environmental education of volunteers and the community we are all witness to their accomplishments, with one of the most scenic waterfronts in Ontario.  Using that successful model, the question was asked “How can we extend this throughout our community”?

On the 7th, the group will outline a community call to action, to replicate the waterfront vision throughout our City.  We will ask every resident, business, community and school groups…everyone, to   jump on board and grow our community pride.  The official launch is still a few weeks away and already over two hundred registrations have been received or committed to this project.  The City of North Bay, Council and staff, have been tremendous in providing information and support in getting this off the ground.  Work has already begun and lots more to come.  Stay tuned for the 7th. and get ready to join the Clean, Green and Beautiful movement.

At last weeks Council meeting, a motion was brought forward to rename the civic plaza, adjacent to the Heritage Museum on Oak Street, to “Jack Burrows Civic Plaza”.  What a fitting legacy for our former Mayor and his entire family, as Jack was an ardent supporter of the Community Waterfront park and the acquisition of the former CP Rail yards. Jack had the vision and determination to make this happen and despite all the criticism, made it happen.

During my first term on Council in 2000, I was one of those critics.  Jack took me aside one day, as only Jack could do, and had a frank chat about the project.  He was extremely passionate about it and finally told me “Peter…in twenty years from now, the citizens of North Bay will know this was a good acquisition, so let’s get on with it”.  It was a good life lesson learned from a man, that all respected. He was right and although just shy of the twenty years he projected; our community does know.  Congratulations to Elaine and family for the recognition that is truly deserved.

Peter Chirico is the President and CEO of the North Bay & District Chamber of Commerce.