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Jun 8, 2021 | News, President & CEO News Articles


It is official. As of June 11, 2021, we start to re-open our economy and the Province of Ontario. It has been a long and sometimes circuitous route that we have been locked into since this pandemic began. With vaccinations being given and the low case numbers that have been seen, Ontario is set to end the “time out” and life returns to some semblance of normalcy in the next few days.

We are grateful to so many people in our community who have weathered the front lines over the past 15 months and did their best to ensure we stayed healthy and were able to go about our lives with as much normal as there could be. Our health care workers at all levels have been amazing and dedicated but the list does not stop there. From taxi drivers to grocery store cashiers, business owners and employees that have kept the lights on and doors open, hospitality sector cooks and wait staff who have provided alternatives for everyone, and the list goes on!

Of all the persons that made those sacrifices over this period, there is one group that warrants our special thanks and that is our families. This has been a very trying time for all and without the support of our entire families especially spouses, partners, parents, and children, many would have had a much more difficult time coping with what the pandemic brought home, to us all. There is no doubt that forced isolation (to some extent) has put many items into perspective and hopefully the lessons learned through this experience is that family, is the top priority. From all of us that have been working from home through out this time….Thank You!!