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Jun 7, 2021 | News, President & CEO News Articles


Early last week when news of the discovery of 215 unmarked graves, at a former residential school in British Columbia surfaced, shock and disbelief is all that came to mind. The overwhelming feeling of shame as a Canadian, is just one of the many feelings that immediately came to mind. It took nearly a week to put pen to paper as I did not know what to say. Disbelief turned to outrage, shock turned to sadness and rumour became reality.

Responsibility and ownership were followed very closely, thereafter. More questions than answers right at this point, but it must stop now, and those questions must be answered, no matter how tough they are. The families of these children deserve answers and accountability.

Our government has the responsibility to the Canadian public but more so, to the Indigenous Community, to ensure that all the questions, all the answers and future solutions are done immediately and not swept aside for others to deal with. This is a black mark on our society and now is the time to stop talking about solutions and get them done. To all the families that have been affected, our thoughts are with you.