Chamber Challenge in Support of the North Bay Food Bank

Apr 20, 2018 | News

The North Bay & District Chamber of Commerce has joined forces with the North Bay Food Bank by engaging our membership in the support of a major change effort underway in North Bay.  We are sending out a Chamber Challenge and calling on you to support the North Bay Food Bank’s resilience project.  Support can be straightforward, the North Bay Food Bank is looking for you to help this project by engaging in the following ways:

  1. Donation Bin

Engage your organization to donate periodically by bringing in   just one extra food item at lunch.  You can support this effort by accepting a dedicated donation bin from the Food Bank and  promote filling the bin using “dress down Fridays” in exchange  for a food item” or many other creative methods to align and     engage the team at your workplace.  Workplaces that accept a bin and engage their team can offset thousands of dollars of food purchase expenses, create workplace norms that help our community and will benefit from greater staff engagement.

  1.  “Just 1” Habit

Promoting the game-changing idea that a social habit of donating just one of the “foods of the month” each time we shop for food, will supply enough food to feed those most in need.

  1. Community Capital

Choose one of the community capital packages:  Community     Supporter, Community Partner or Community Leader and contribute a reoccurring amount or one time support to the North Bay Food Bank and reap the recognition benefits of their new reach via a redesigned website and enhanced social reach.  We will also be recognizing capital supporters at our evening of excellence award ceremony.

Community Capital funds our next steps toward addressing food insecurity.  Community Capital supports initiatives like “Just 1”, community awareness, facilitates community and corporate engagement – and special projects that bring a compounded return on investment.  For example, our corporate donation bins, a product of community capital funding, amounts to a minimum of a fivefold return on investment per year in perpetuity.  Honda’s Community Capital investment in supplying the North Bay Food Bank with a vehicle means we can pick up the corporate donation bins and has enabled a large portion of this program to work.  Sofa Communication contributed their time and bench strength of intellectuals to further enhance a purchased platform to reach and promote these essential initiatives online and in print – amounting to substantial increases in online community support.  A usual monetary donation helps us purchase food and keep the lights on to support the current needs; a Community Capital donation allows us to launch initiatives to improve our    impact on the ongoing food insecurity and meet all future needs.  Community Capital will enable us to get better at  what we do, and we believe Community Capital will one day be the source of our ability to tackle the complex causes of food insecurity with success.

As a member that invests in this project’s success, you will reap a return on investment that is unmatched – positive local community impact.  The North Bay Food Bank is piloting many new concepts to promote adopting individual and corporate habits that are       intended to become broader norms that have the potential to end food insecurity beyond just our community – please join their efforts to change the way we support one another.

CLICK HERE to start your North Bay Food Bank Chamber Challenge.  Or CLICK HERE to see other ways your workplace can be involved.