A BIG thank you to EMS Public Access Defibrillator Challenge Cycling Team

Jul 11, 2014 | News

Information Centre gets an AED installed – The North Bay and District Chamber of Commerce which operates the Regional Tourist Information Centre and Dionne Quints Museum was pleased to receive an Automated External Defibrillators (AED’s) courtesy of the District of Nipissing Emergency Medical Services Public Access Defibrillator Challenge Cycling Team.  Each year, a group of EMS volunteers raise funds by riding the DVP in Toronto as part of the Heart & Stroke Foundation Becel Ride for Heart.  All funds raised by the team returns to the community to continue to raise awareness and to be able to provide AEDs in public locations; in North Bay alone, these AEDs have saved five lives since 2005.

defib pic

President Derek Shogren stated that “the Chamber operates out of a public building with high traffic volume at times, especially during the summer.”  The Chamber is open 7 days a week, year round to operate the Regional Tourist Information Centre with over 25,000 visitors to the centre each year.  President Shogren continued “being a not-for-profit is sometimes difficult to afford equipment such as this, but it is a very appropriate location to have an AED being a public building.  You never want to have a medical emergency occur, but if it does, the staff and public will have access to the AED while awaiting EMS services to arrive.  Those few extra moments could save someone’s life.”

Mayor Al McDonald was also on hand for the announcement of the installation of an AED at the Information Centre.  The mayor and council are very much in favour of having these devices in all public buildings, schools and malls, as well as making it mandatory in any new public buildings.

The District of Nipissing Emergency Medical Services administers the supply and use of AEDs as part of the PAD (Public Access Defibrillator) Lifeline Project in concert with the Heart and Stroke Foundation.  Manager Jean-Guy Belzile of the Emergency Medical Services commented “families and friends of the district are welcome to join our team for next year’s ride to keep this worthwhile fundraising effort alive and well.  Roger Menard (survivor) with his wife Tracy have been part of our team for the past two years. They have brought a few of their friends to join and make a difference in saving lives in our district. We are pleased to place an AED in the hands of our chamber and to show visitors that we put our hearts into welcoming them to our area.”