90 Days and 90 Nights in the Cold

Mar 7, 2019 | News

What is 90 Days and 90 Nights in the Cold?
Paul Tavares will be spending 90 days and 90 nights in the cold to raise awareness and donations to support the homeless in our community. Paul will be travelling to 13 cities across Ontario!

Where and when is Paul in North Bay?
Paul will be in North Bay (beside Harris Guardian on Main St) 6pm on Sunday March 10th till Sunday March 17th

Who will benefit?
Donations will be shared between: The Warming Center, The Crisis Center and The Salvation Army.

Donations can be made at:
Nipissing Mental Health Housing & Support Services, located at: 222 Main St E, North Bay ON (beside the TD bank) OR gd2go Drive –thru, located at: 375 Foran St, North Bay, ON OR go to gofundme.com and facebook.com and search “90 Days and 90 Nights in the Cold”

What to donate!
Food, clothing (winter and summer), backpacks, tarps, jackets (winter and rain), pillows, blankets, sleeping bags, tents, flashlights, water bottles, sunscreen, baseball hats, winter hats, boots, shoes, socks

For additional information please contact: Nipissing Mental Health Housing and Support Services at 705-476-4088