2014 Board of Directors

Nov 20, 2013 | News

President's Award 2013

President Derek Shogren presented an award to Past President John Strang for all his hard work and dedication to the Chamber and the community as a whole.

This year’s Chamber election results for the 2014 Board of Directors of the North Bay & District Chamber of Commerce are as follows: Tanya Bedard; Karen Chamberlain; Gisele Cousineau; Paul Daigle; Carrie Delongchamp; Steve Dreany; Charles Elliott; Brad Gavan; Anna Iati; Mark King; Jake Lacourse; Lucie Laperriere; Chris Minor; Sharon Moseley-Williams; Darren Patey; Cliff Pilon; Sue Ray; Peter Rooney; Kyle Selle; Denise Sherritt; Derek Shogren; Irene Smit; John Strang; Mandy Strang; Crystal Thompson; and Kelly Wallace.

President Derek Shogren thanked all who put their name forward on the ballot to serve on the board, stating, “It is a big commitment for any volunteer and we certainly recognize the numerous members who consider this opportunity.  Congratulations to those who have been elected and join the other 12 current board members for the 2014 year.”

Note: Executive Committee members (President, Vice Presidents and Treasurer) will be elected by the 2014 Board of Directors at a regular meeting of the board on Thursday, December 12, 2013.