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The Dionne Quints Museum

What’s Happening

The Museum is now closed.

Unfortunately, with the move of the Chamber office, the Museum is no longer open to the public.  A committee is well underway to determine the best location and/or future for the museum and artifacts.  A decision should be made in the new year 2016.  If you require further information contact the Chamber at 705-472-8480 or toll free at 1-888-249-8998.

Images from the Dionne Quints Museum Collection are used with the expressed permission of Annette and Cecile Dionne. Not for unauthorized reproduction or use.

About the Museum

The Dionne Quintuplets Story

The Quints attracted 3 million visitors to North Bay and area during the peak of the depression. A whole new Quint industry sprang up and provided employment for thousands. The Quints helped millions of people feel happy during the depression and forget the hunger and unemployment for a moment.

Over eighty years ago, the world was amazed by the birth of the Dionne Quintuplets on May 28, 1934, in nearby Corbeil. This amazement quickly turned to love for the five identical tiny girls, born to Oliva and Elzire Dionne. The Quint’s combined weight at birth was only 13lbs. 6ozs. and they had to be kept in incubators for the first month of their lives. Their lungs were so small that diluted doses of rum were required daily to help the Quints breathe properly. It was a one in 57 million chance of giving birth to identical quintuplets and even less chance of them surviving, but the Dionne Quints did.

The Museum

The Dionne Quints Museum is a not for profit institution, that was operated by the North Bay and District Chamber of Commerce for almost 30 year, with the co-operation of Annette and Cecile Dionne. Housed in the original Dionne homestead, the museum contained many artifacts from the Quints’ early days and their growing years.


In 1985, the City of North Bay, with the support of the Dionne Patron Foundation, purchased the original Dionne Farm House. The building and contents were moved into North Bay, and the Chamber of Commerce was contracted to oversee the operation of the Dionne Quints Museum. Since opening in 1986, the Museum has worked to preserve this important part of history with co-operation from the Dionne sisters, Annette and Cecile.

This is all done without the benefit of government support.

One of the largest responsibilities the Museum faces is the care and preservation of the artifacts entrusted to our care.

Thank you to all Museum Members who have supported us in the past!





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