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Date: October 15, 2018

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Date: October 18, 2018 6:00 pm

Bell Evening of Excellence

Thursday, October 18, 2018


Thursday, October 18, 2018

Location: The Grande Event Centre

Celebrating business in North Bay and district, a record number of nominations have been vetted and the top three in each of the following categories will be highlighted at this year’s event: New Business of the Year, Small Business of the Year (1 to 5 employees), Small Business of the Year (6 to 15 employees), Business of the Year (16+ employees) and Young Professional of the Year.

Date: October 18, 2018 7:00 pm

North Bay Battalion Regular Season Game

2018-2019 Season First Exhibition Game

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Date: October 21, 2018 2:00 pm

North Bay Battalion Regular Season Game

2018-2019 Season First Exhibition Game

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Date: October 21, 2018 7:00 pm

Thank You for Being a Friend

The Ultimate Golden Girls Performance!

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Four days and counting down, to the close of nominations for the Municipal elections taking place on October 22.  Some new faces, some old faces and some yet to declare but no matter what, the race is on and it is important for all of us to be involved in this process and the upcoming election.  The people that we elect, will set the tone for each Municipality and School Board in our District, for the next four years.

After the close of nominations this Friday, we will have three months to sift through the platforms of each candidate and choose who we see fit to represent us and our concerns that are important to each of us.  It is tremendously important that if there are issues that individuals wish to see addressed, that they communicate with the candidates that have or will put their names forward, to get their perspective on what you feel is important.  If we do not ask, we will not get an answer, nor will these candidates know about your issues or concerns.

The North Bay & District Chamber of Commerce will be conducting a survey of its members, soon after the nomination period is completed.  We will be asking our members about their concerns or issues and will be presenting these items to each candidate for their input on how they will address them.  Once completed your Chamber will post the answers provided by the candidates so that our members and the general public will learn more about the candidates and the issues that the business community will bring forward.

As well, The North Bay & District Chamber of Commerce will be involved in various events around the district, in the months leading up to the election.  The more information that we can provide to our members and the public, the better.  There are many issues that are of concern for the business community and we are hopeful that the candidates will hear our questions/concerns and respond with meaningful responses.  Campaign promises, along with the candidate’s vision of what issues their municipalities are facing, will shape the visions of the Boards and Municipal Councils throughout the next four years.

To all of those who have put their names forward for the ballot on October 22 and for those that will before the close of nominations, good luck and thank you for taking the interest in your community.  It is not an easy decision to make when running for office, but it can and will, shape the future of all our communities.  The Chamber looks forward to working with the candidates and eventually the successful individuals in the future.

Peter Chirico is the President & CEO of the North Bay & District Chamber of Commerce.


Summer is here.  With Canada Day celebrations over, the relaxing and winding down for a great summer is finally with us.  Whether travelling across our Country or staying close to home to enjoy our district, we can finally put the cold weather and frosty temperatures to rest and enjoy our great outdoors.  Lots to do and see in our region and the North Bay & District Chamber of Commerce wishes all, a safe and enjoyable summer.

With the Provincial election over, and the new government set for the next four years, we will soon turn our attention to municipal elections.  To date, as reported in various media outlets, a few incumbents and some new faces have already jumped into the race.  The next three weeks heading into the close of nominations on July 27th, we will see the candidates for all Councils and Mayor’s of our district municipalities along with various School Board Trustee candidates, declare their intent.

As we get closer to the close of the nomination period, it will be interesting to see who steps forward and allows their names to stand for election in October.  Rumours abound in the coffee shops and at the office water coolers, as to what that final list of candidates will look like.  Although most municipalities list a brief description of what the role of Council and the Mayor entails, it is only a fraction of what can be expected by those that are successful in their bids, to be elected.

We at the Chamber will be following closely and very shortly, we will be surveying our business community on what they feel are the important issues that are of concern for our members.  Those concerns will be translated into platform questions that we hope all candidates will provide their views on.  We expect to see a wide range of concerns from our membership on what they feel the next four years will require to grow our local economy and create employment opportunities in our region.  For all the armchair politicians that may be sitting in the wings contemplating putting their names forward, good luck and remember the deadline is approaching quickly.

On Thursday July 5, 2018 the North Bay & District Chamber of Commerce will be hosting its annual golf tournament at Osprey Links.  The tournament will be in support of the North Bay and Area Community Foundation and we are getting close to a sell out for the tournament.  There are a few spots remaining and if you are looking for a great way to kick off the summer, give the Chamber office a call and register a team.  Welcome to the Summer of 2018.

Peter Chirico is the President & CEO of the North Bay & District Chamber of Commerce.

Friday morning was a beautiful morning with brilliant blue skies and fabulous sunshine.  Most days while driving to work, a quick detour down Memorial Drive (the long way to work) reminds me daily as to what a great City we live in.  The Marina, Heritage Train and Carousels, The Boat, The Chief and looking out over the Marina at a calm and glass like Lake Nipissing, renews my spirit in why we live here.

Our community is fortunate to have so many people that give so much to so many others and in so many ways.  Our waterfront is supported by hundreds of volunteers through the Heritage Gardeners, who give much of their time and energy to make it such a beautiful place.  They show their pride in this City, through their commitment and passion, making our world a little better, with each minute that they give back to a community, that they love and care for.

When we take stock of our assets in this City, our volunteers are a huge part of the threads that make up the fabric of North Bay.  But also, we have one of the most caring and generous communities that should be the envy of all other communities.  Every worthy cause, fundraising event, and needs in our community is supported by our entire community. Last week, the announcement by Max and Lorraine Shapiro of a donation to the North Bay Regional Hospital Foundation, Cancer Care, Close to Home Campaign of One Million Dollars is another example of the generosity of our citizens.  Giving back and paying forward to future generations is what it is all about.

Also last week, The North Bay Battalion, One Kids Place/La place des enfants Children’s Treatment Centre and Deacon Wealth Management, teamed up for their annual golf tournament.  Another sold out event that raised over $50,000.00 for One Kids Place, which will assist families with children who have specialized needs and require specialized equipment.  This facility does so much for our children in this district and everyone who sponsored, donated and participated understands the needs.  Thanks to the North Bay Battalion, Deacon Wealth Management and all of volunteers that make this event a huge success every year.

Speaking of the North Bay Battalion, they were represented well by several former players and present players at the golf tournament.  It was announced as well at the OKP/Battalion Tournament, that in the five years that they have made North Bay their home, that approximately $1,000,000.00 has been raised through various events including the golf tournament, KidSport and various other charities.  They are an integral part of this giving community and our hats are off to Scott Abbott and his entire team for what they do, for this area and City.

Peter Chirico is the President & CEO of the North Bay & District Chamber of Commerce.

Last week the City turned out, despite the inclement weather, to celebrate Armed Forces Day 2018.  Over 3500 students and thousands of residents took in the celebration at our waterfront on Wednesday morning with our Canadian Armed Forces, First Responders, and volunteers.  Although Mother Nature wasn’t too co-operative, forcing the cancellation of the Sky Hawks Jump Team, it was a tremendous celebration for the City of North Bay.

The relationship and history, that our City has with our military is far beyond just the economic benefits that we see from having a military base in our community.  The countless volunteer hours that our military members and families provide back to our community is hard to measure, but it is appreciated by so many different groups.  From Relay to Life (2018-Relay for Life Celebration this Friday evening), the Santa Claus Fund annually, Armed Forces Day, coaching and being involved in so many other great causes, makes this community a better place, each day.

The celebration annually, does not happen without an entire community coming together each year to say “Thank You” to each and every one of our members of the Military Family.  Colonel Mark Roberts, his entire Command staff along with Honorary Colonels George Burton, Hariett Madigan and Jake Lacourse do a tremendous job of integrating the military with our residents.  It is no small task to pull this all together each year and a big thank you for all involved, especially, Canadore College, The City of North Bay, and the hundreds of volunteers that work for months, prior to the event.

Events like this underscore the important role that our Military play in making our Country the place it is today.  The sacrifice and dedication that our military personnel, both past and present, give and have given, to Canada, is why we need to say thank you.  This commitment to keeping us safe, allows each of us to sleep soundly at night and enjoy the peaceful existence, that most of us do.  Whenever they are called upon to help, they are there.  From all our members at the North Bay & District Chamber of Commerce, “Thank You”!!!

Please make sure you mark your calendars for Thursday nights “Ignite North Bay” at the Capitol Centre starting at 7:00 p.m.  Come down, enjoy a complimentary New Ontario Brewery beverage, help PADDLE, and most of all, be inspired to change our future.  Check it out at and tickets can be obtained at the door or .  You won’t regret it!! See you there.

Peter Chirico is the President and CEO of the North Bay & District Chamber of Commerce.

Last week, after many months of campaigning, Ontarians’ have elected a majority PC government to lead us, over the next four years.  Looking back over the past few months of the election campaign, no doubt it will be remembered as one of the more memorable albeit strange, campaigns in a long time.  Congratulations to Vic Fedeli and his entire election team, on a huge victory here in Nipissing.  After two terms in opposition, we can look forward to having our elected MPP as a member of the Legislature, that is forming the new government.

Congratulations to all the candidates that put their names forward to run in this Provincial campaign.  Campaigns are tough on candidates, their teams and most of all, their families.  The work that is put in running for office by all, never stops during the writ period and each candidate is probably taking a bit of time to rest and wind down after last Thursday.  The exception to that is Vic Fedeli, who headed back to Toronto on the day after the election to get started on what will be a very busy time, as the new government is formed.

With a majority government elected, it appears that Ontarians were not satisfied nor wanted either a minority or coalition government to lead this Province, during the next four years.  The voters placed their trust in the PC party and expectations of Premier Elect Doug Ford and his new government are going to be high.  These next few weeks will be interesting to watch as the party forms government and the appointment of the new Cabinet takes place.  With a seventy-six-seat majority there appears to be a lot of talent that will be scrutinized by the Leader for those cabinet positions.

As a riding in Northern Ontario, it is going to be important that we have Vic Fedeli at the Cabinet table.  Vic’s hard work over the past two terms in opposition as both the Finance Critic and Interim Leader of the Opposition should position him well, for one of those seats.  Vic’s work on many of the issues including Ontario Hydro, the Ring of Fire project and most importantly, the Provinces finances should land him one of the senior Cabinet positions and we will wait and see as those announcements are rolled out.  Vic has shown over his entire political career that he is not afraid of taking on tough issues and his work ethic is without question.  Premier-Elect Ford will need his expertise and political savvy as they set up shop.  Congratulations Vic and we all look forward to the next four years.

Don’t forget about Ignite North Bay at the Capitol Centre on June 21st @ 7:00 p.m.  Come out and see what inspires our City and join in a movement to change the way we think and feel about the place we live.  The “How Might We” crowd and talk is growing, and the Chamber encourages all to come out and be part of it.  Also, the Chamber annual golf tournament at Osprey Links is also just around the corner on July 5 and we expect it to be a sell out once again.  Book now by calling us at the Chamber office while there are still some spots and sponsorship opportunities available.

Peter Chirico is the President & CEO of the North Bay & District Chamber of Commerce.

Last week on Wednesday, it was great to attend the Grand Opening and open house at the new consolidated home for Community Living North Bay.  The new building which consolidates it services in one location at the Commerce Court facility, will serve our community well for years to come.  The building has been transformed into a fully integrated hub to assist persons with intellectual disabilities and their families.  What a tremendous job that the staff do and congratulations to those staff, the Board and the families that had the vision and determination to bring this project to fruition.

The completion of this project also marks the end of an era and the start of a new one as well, for Community Living.  Jennifer Valenti, Executive Director of this organization, announced her retirement after some 41 years.  It is fitting that her retirement coincides with the opening of this renovated facility and all the hard work, dedication and commitment that Jennifer has shown throughout her career, will continue in this vital community organization.  Congratulation to all on the opening of the facility and the entire Chamber wishes Jennifer a happy and relaxing retirement, that is so well deserved!

Another great event held on Saturday morning, was the fundraiser for Special Olympics at King Cone/King Putt in support of approximately twenty-five athletes participating in the golf program.  One of these athletes, is Mandy Demers who has qualified for the National Games being held in Nova Scotia next month.  Good luck to Mandy at the games and all your hard work and practice has paid off.  This program is just another example of what our community does to improve the lives of persons in our community, with special needs.  The entire Cundari family, Glenn, Michele and their two children, Nick and Megan, provide these athletes the opportunity to learn, participate and enjoy the game of golf as well, gain the life skills that team work and individual commitment to the sport, teach.  Congratulations to all the athletes and to the Cundari family for their dedication in giving back to their community.

Coming up soon, The North Bay & District Chamber of Commerce is excited to be participating and promoting, Ignite North Bay “3”.   On June 21st at 7:00 p.m. at the Capitol Centre, the third event will be held, and we encourage everyone who is interested in the future of our community to attend.  The event will host 14 speakers who will inform, enlighten or inspire us about their deepest passions.  The event is a venue which allows people to express what they are passionate about and inspire others to embrace their dreams and change communities.  Mark it in your calendar and see what this movement is all about.  Admission is $10,00 per person which is 100% being donated to PADDLE and will include a free refreshment from New Ontario Brewery.

The annual Chamber Golf Tournament in support of the North Bay Community Foundation is just a little over a month away on July 5 at Osprey Links.  The tournament is filling up quickly and there are some hole sponsorships still available.  Get your teams in now and come out for a great day of golf and fun both on and off the course.

Peter Chirico is the President & CEO of the North Bay & District Chamber of Commerce.




Last week from Thursday through to Sunday, gymnast’s from across Ontario, were showcased at Nipissing University.  The 20th annual “Sunshine Classic” put on by Gymtrix; Nicki Chretien Mills, Bill Rhoads and Tim Mills.  Over eight hundred athletes converged on North Bay bringing coaches, parents and relatives to our City.  That was a great boost to our business economy and another great example of what Sports Tourism means to this area.  Meals, hotels, and visiting many of our stores while in North Bay, is a great annual start to our summer season of welcoming visitors to this region.

As long-time members of the Chamber, we want to congratulate Nicki, Tim and Bill along with the tremendous coaches and volunteers that surround them and this event, each year.  The organizing of an event of this size and calibre, starts right after the previous years competition and culminates with the kick off the next one.  It has been a labour of love for this organization and when you see the faces and smiles of the competitors/teams, being introduced at the opening ceremonies, we know what drives them to continue with this tradition.  Congratulations to all on a great job!

Along with the warmer weather finally arriving, it is great to see the number of people out on the weekends visiting the local farmers and artisan’s markets that take advantage of the great weather.  The North Bay Farmers’ Market held last Wednesday and Saturday mornings, were very busy places and so nice to see people out shopping and visiting, after to long winter.  The North Bay Farmers’ Market will be each Wednesday and Saturday throughout the summer until the Thanksgiving weekend, check out their schedule at   As well, last Friday evening at the waterfront, The Artisans Way kicked off their first evening event of the season.  Many people enjoyed the shopping experience in one of the most beautiful settings, that events like this can be held.  Visit their website at to see when the next evening event will be held.

Don’t forget to visit the Heritage Railway and Carousel Company and the Discovery North Bay Museum.  Both are great places to bring out the kid in you and again thanks to the hundreds of volunteers who make North Bay what it is.  We have so many opportunities when it comes to leisure activities at our waterfront and we encourage all to come down and bring family and friends, as it is a great place to spend some time.

We look forward to the start of the DIA summer events, with many planned over the upcoming months.  Jeff and his board continue to work diligently to promote our downtown shopping, dinning and arts culture/venues and it is nice to see the sidewalk patios opening for the summer.  We hope that all our members, citizens and visitors take some time this summer to wander around our downtown and take a walk around our amazing waterfront.  Our Heritage Gardeners have done a tremendous job again and the entire waterfront is a welcoming place for all.

Peter Chirico is the President & CEO of the North Bay & District Chamber of Commerce

At the recent Your TV “Behind the Ballot” Candidates Debate, a number of questions submitted by the North Bay & District Chamber of Commerce were not asked due to time limitations.

We provided the opportunity to all candidates to answer these important business questions, so that we could share the answers with our members in the Nipissing region.

Many of the questions were based on the consultations with our members and others across the network, the Ontario Chamber of Commerce developed Vote Prosperity, a platform for the 2018 provincial campaign.  This product is designed to provide Ontario with a strategy to leverage our advantages and strengthen our global competitiveness.

Three of the six candidates chose to respond to the questions.  Please click on each candidate below to read their answers.

Victor Fedeli

Henri Giroux

Stephen Glass

We thank all the candidates for putting their names forward in this important election and we encourage everyone to get out and vote on Thursday, June 7th, 2018.  If you require information on how or where to vote, please visit Elections Ontario.

The countdown continues.  Less than three weeks from today, voters from across Ontario will head to the polls, to determine how Ontario will be governed for the next four years.  The North Bay & District Chamber of Commerce encourages all eligible voters to make sure that they are registered and get out to vote on June 7, 2018.   We are fortunate to live in a country where we have the ability to vote and it is a personal responsibility for all of us.

As the “Voice of Business”, the Chamber has been looking at the various platforms and as we have referenced in the past, working with the Ontario Chamber of Commerce on the “Vote Prosperity” platform.  The campaign is based on surveys of over a thousand businesses in Ontario and conducted each year, over the past couple of years.  Although many of the statistics quoted by Government over the same period show the economy doing better than most, there are many underlying facts and factors, that are not reflective of those same stats.

We have seen business confidence in the economy drop and this has been evident by the surveys over the last two years.  This is extremely important to the business community as it reflects the lack of confidence, which usually means lack of investment or expenditures on growth.  Couple this with the present regulations to do business in this Province and we are seeing and hearing that it is not an attractive place to do business.  That is why this upcoming election is important to all of us.

Without investment and growth, this Province will not be able to tackle the many issues that need to be addressed.  If we continue to spend without the prerequisite growth, we will have no alternative but, to pay more in taxes and that will surely erode further confidence and therefore investment, in the business community.  Small and medium size businesses in Ontario are the backbone of this Province and according to the Ontario Chambers survey’s, they do not want further regulations and feel overtaxed already.

The Provincial debt load is staggering and continuing the same path will not make things easier in the future.  Look at each of the party’s platforms and the individuals running for election in our ridings.  We encourage our members to write the individuals and ask them directly; “how are they are going to return our Province to prosperity?”.  At election time, promises are plenty, but details are sparse.  The devil is always in the details and if you are not informed it will be difficult to decide on where we are going.  One thing that is for sure, we do not need further taxation, we can not expect to grow if we are going backwards.

Check out the Vote Prosperity platform

Peter Chirico is the President & CEO of the North Bay & District Chamber of Commerce.

Read about the candidates that submitted their platforms and contact information for the debate.

CLICK HERE for the booklet.