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Natalie Charette was born and raised in the little local community of Callander. She studied Business Administration at Canadore and then decided to pursue her education further by completing her Business Administration degree at Nipissing University.

Natalie is very devoted to growing her career within North Bay. This is why once she found Northern Credit Union it was a sure fit. Natalie has been with Northern Credit Union for almost 3 years now. Last summer she was promoted to the Small Business Account Manager role. This new position allows for Natalie to work with Small Businesses within the community and keep rural Ontario strong, viable and successful. Natalie’s approachable and lighthearted attitude makes her a pleasure to work with.

In her free time Natalie enjoys spending time with family, friends and her puppy Remington. She loves to attend Zumba and Crossfit and can always find her either hiking or snowshoeing depending on the weather.


Today, the Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC) launched its new policy platform. The Ontario Economic Report will be a permanent institution of the OCC and the successor document to Emerging Stronger. This report will present the collective voice of our membership through the Business Confidence Survey, delve into the economic underpinnings of the province with the Business Prosperity Index and look at the year ahead with the Economic Outlook.  CLICK HERE to go to the report.





The North Bay and District is pleased to provide the details of the current search for a President and CEO for the organization.

For full details on the job description, requirements and how to apply, please CLICK HERE.

The deadline for submissions is:  Friday, February 10, 2017 by 4:00 pm.

NORTH BAY, ON (January 24, 2017) – Over the past two years, numerous changes have occurred at the North Bay & District Chamber of Commerce.  Since relocating to its new location in Downtown North Bay, reducing the number of board members from 25 to 13 and restructuring to a governance model, the Chamber of Commerce is now poised for further growth opportunities.

Chair Brad Gavan noted “the next steps in solidifying the focus of the Chamber is to seek a new President and CEO for the organization as well as implementing a new Strategic Plan for the next five years.”

The North Bay & District Chamber of Commerce currently operates under four pillars to ensure the membership is engaged and benefit from the organizations mandate to be the voice of business for the region. The pillars include: advocacy, connections, growth, and value.  Due to strong partnerships with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, we are able to advocate at all levels of government. Business connections are imperative in smaller communities and through referrals, networking, and communications this can be achieved. The Chamber always encourages economic growth whether it is through the current membership or with new investment opportunities. Finally, value to the membership is imperative and continues to be top of mind.

Chair Brad Gavan “congratulated the board in its new direction and applauded the long-term efforts by Ms. Patti Carr who has headed the Chamber for over 17 years as Executive Director and having been employed with the North Bay & District Chamber of Commerce for 29 years. Without Patti’s knowledge and continuity, we would never have come this far and we have been very fortunate in her assistance to move the Chamber in this direction to a new governance model. The board recognized that a staff shift under this new model was also required, as Patti has been doing much of the role as the head of the Chamber along with the advocacy piece.”

Executive Director Patti Carr stated “I have been very pleased with all the changes and even though I was offered the new position of President and CEO, I felt my strengths would be better served in the Policy and Communications position; something I truly enjoy and I have the skills to achieve better results in this position.  I would now have the time to do the advocacy piece to 100%.  I truly believe the Chamber and its members would be better served into the future with new blood and new vision and I’m truly looking forward to even more changes to benefit the membership as a whole. I have always looked out for the best interests of the Chamber and the membership, and this change I am confident is a step forward for the organization and of benefit to the business community.”

The Chamber will be posting the employment opportunity on Wednesday. Vice Chair, Charles Elliott of the North Bay & District Chamber of Commerce has been the lead for this new position and will coordinate a selection committee for the interviews.

YP of the Month – Justin Rancourt, CFP – Investors Group

Justin Rancourt was born and raised in Corbeil, and knew at a young age, that he was destined to work in finance. After more than 10 years in the financial sector, he recently joined Investors Group – North Bay as a bilingual Certified Financial Planner and Independent Wealth Advisor.

Justin has always been dedicated to his clients and quickly moved up the ranks in different financial institutions. He received his mutual fund license and eventually his Certified Financial Planner designation at the age of 23! Less than 11% of Certified Financial Planners are under the age of 35.

Justin is passionate about the financial health of his clients, and supporting his community. He is actively involved with the North Bay Regional Health Centre Foundation’s annual event Our Hospital Walk/Run, Chamber of Commerce, Young Professional Group, Rotaract and the Rotary Club of North Bay.

A self- proclaimed ‘handy-man’, Justin enjoys repairing and renovating his home and helping his friends and family with theirs.  During his time away from the office, you will most likely see Justin at local events, and spending time with his 6 year old son, Zachary exploring our community.

Kristen Hanlon – Sales Manager, Holiday Inn Express & Suites North Bay

 I moved to North Bay two years ago after being born and raised in a small town outside the GTA. I used to come to North Bay with my family as a kid and fell in love with the city.  I studied Hotel & Restaurant Management at Algonquin College and have been working in the hospitality industry for over 12 years doing everything from Front Desk, Reservations, Banquet to Sales Coordinator.

After living and working in the GTA for several years I decided it was time to move to North Bay as I knew it was where I wanted to be. I was lucky enough to receive an opportunity to be the Sales Manager at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites North Bay and have been in the same position ever since. My role as the Sales Manager has given me the opportunity to meet many members of the community and take part in local events such as Habitat for Humanity’s Amazing Race.

In my spare time I enjoy being outdoors, hunting, fishing and hiking. I love living in Northern Ontario and look forward to making it my forever home.

Northern Chambers demanding increased affordability and transparency for energy system

In partnership with business leaders from across Northern Ontario, the North Bay & District Chamber of Commerce is urging the province to address the regional challenges posed by the lack of affordability and transparency in energy pricing as it builds its Long-Term Energy Plan 2017 (LTEP).

In a joint submission to the Ontario government’s LTEP review process, which will help form the basis of Ontario’s energy strategy over the next 20 years, the North Bay & District Chamber of Commerce called on the province to ensure its approach reflects the realities of doing business in the North. Soaring electricity costs have been felt more acutely in the North due to harsher seasonal climates, greater transportation costs, and a larger number of natural-resource-sector firms who are counted among the province’s largest users of energy.

It is crucial that the province consider the growing impact this sector is having on the North’s ability to attract and retain businesses, according to the submission, which was issued in partnership with the Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce, Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce, Sault Ste. Marie Chamber of Commerce, and Timmins Chamber of Commerce.

In order to address these concerns, the northern Chambers’ joint submission proposes 12 recommendations, a few of which include the following:

  • Include economic development among the principles governing the province’s approach to energy within the LTEP. Economic development should be the first and over-riding principle.
  • Increase transparency and offer greater detail on how government will achieve targeted greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions, including what support government will offer to businesses so they can remain prosperous while finding innovative solutions to reduce their emissions.
  • Clarify the global adjustment (GA) so that ratepayers can better understand their electricity bills. Take steps to reduce the GA as a portion of electricity bills so that businesses are able to see real savings from their conservation efforts.
  • Expand access to natural gas pipelines and improve the electricity transmission grid to ensure communities can develop and businesses can afford to invest in Northern Ontario.
  • Increase transparency and accountability by publishing additional details about cap and trade; this should include specifying how proceeds from cap and trade will be spent to help transitioning businesses, and publishing regular economic impact assessments on how cap and trade is affecting local businesses and supply chains.

A recent report issued by the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, Top 3 Obstacles to Small Business Success, indicated that one in 20 Ontario businesses expect to close their doors in the next five years due to rising electricity prices. In addition, 38 percent will see their bottom line shrink, with the cost of electricity delaying or canceling investment in the years to come.

These concerns are only exacerbated by the considerable uncertainties around the implementation of Ontario’s pending cap and trade program, which will take effect Jan. 1, 2017.  Despite repeated requests by business, many questions still remain about the full impact of cap and trade, and how proceeds from the program will be spent.

You can find the complete submission and the full list of recommendations put forward by the Northern Ontario chambers of commerce here.

The 2017 Board of Directors was sworn-in to office on Thursday, December 8, 2016 by his worship, Mayor Al McDonald.  The executive was then elected that evening.  The 2017 Executive is: Chair Brad Gavan, 1st Vice-chair Charles Elliott, 2nd Vice-chair Tanya Bedard, Treasurer Jake Lacourse and Past-chair John Strang.  The 2017 Directors include:  Thomas Brown, Paul Daigle, Rob Deleo, Elizabeth Evans, Marc Rancourt, Peter Rooney, Andrea Silveri and Ed Valenti.

Hope to see everyone tonight!


$16 Billion Ontario Tourism Gap Requires a Dedicated Government Strategy: North Bay & District Chamber of Commerce

Lost Revenue From The Province’s Tourism Industry Impacting Job Creation and Growth

North Bay, ON, November 17, 2016: Today, the North Bay & District Chamber of Commerce (NBDCC) in partnership with the Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC) has released new data that reveals a significant tourism opportunity gap when compared to international growth rates. According to the organization’s report, Closing the Tourism Gap: Creating a Long-Term Advantage for Ontario, Ontario has foregone nearly $16 billion in visitor spending between 2006 and 2012 by not keeping up with global growth trends. While this year has been a strong year for tourism in Ontario, it is important that this recent growth is translated into long-term, sustainable gains in tourism visitation.

“The tourism industry is an important economic driver in North Bay and area as well as in many other communities across the province,” said Jake Lacourse, President of the North Bay & District Chamber of Commerce.  “However, through research outlined in this report, we’ve found that Ontario is missing out on significant tourism growth in comparison to international trends. Our local industry and the province as a whole must take steps to boost our reputation as a global destination for foreign visitors and close the tourism gap.”

The North Bay & District Chamber of Commerce’s report identifies a number of challenges faced by tourism operators and the broader tourism community in Ontario, while presenting a series of action items to address them. The North Bay & District Chamber of Commerce is encouraged that the government is moving ahead with an action plan for the province’s tourism industry, a key consideration highlighted by its membership.

The North Bay & District Chamber of Commerce’s report is clear about the need for any provincial strategy to include measurable targets, a practice currently employed by many successful tourism destinations. These targets would help to organize and coordinate tourism activities amongst the diverse group of public and private tourism organizations in Ontario, another key recommendation of the report.

“Ontario’s tourism sector needs a dedicated strategy driven by the provincial government that not only promotes tourism within Ontario, but also focuses on drawing in visitors from around the world,” said Allan O’Dette, President and CEO of the OCC. “If we can do this successfully, the province will achieve substantial economic gains while keeping up with global growth trends.”

To produce this report, the OCC convened a group of Ontario’s leading thinkers within the tourism community. The report builds on previous initiatives undertaken by members of the tourism industry and further substantiates the need for a focused and measured approach targeted towards supporting the future of tourism in Ontario.

To read the full report CLICK HERE